Group Members

The research group has an excellent group of researchers in the fields of electrical energy, electronics, control and instrumentatioN.

Researchers interested in becoming part of the research group should contact the group's director.
Name E-mail
Prof. Fredy H. Martínez S., Ph.D
Prof. Fernando Martínez Santa, MSc.,
Prof. César A. Hernández S., Ph.D,
Prof. Clara I. Buriticá A., Ph.D,
Prof. Diego A. Giral R., MSc.
Prof. Edwar Jacinto Gómez, MSc.,
Prof. Germán A. López M., Ph.D(c),
Prof. Holman Montiel Ariza, MSc.,
Prof. Yaqueline Garzón R., MSc.,
Angélica V. Rendón C., Teg.
.Prof. Fred G. Murillo Rondon


Aims & Challenges

The research group seeks to strengthen the national electronics industry, through the study of efficient and economic alternatives and strategies in power circuits and control circuits, which can be implemented in national products and equipment, in order to improve competition with imported equipment. Its two main strengths are focused on the management of energy resources and applications focused on assistive robotics. The country's capacity to compete in large electronic equipment and capital goods is clear, as are the cross-cutting technology characteristics offered by electronics, which are more than sufficient reasons to generate development in these areas.

The vision is to position the research group at a local and national level, disseminating its developments as a viable alternative from the technical and economic point of view, for the small and medium national industry. This is intended to be done by proposing customized solutions that in turn meet international quality requirements.